Arcils enter history with first ever Maldivian MMORPG ‘Thakuru Wars’

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Wednesday was an historic day for Maldivian tech and game enthusiasts as well as anyone with a vested interest for creativity.

A local game developer; Arcils in association with Dhiraagu released the first-ever Maldivian MMPORG called ‘Thakuru Wars.’

According to the developer, the ‘Thakuru Wars’ ensconce the traditional and yesteryear look and feel of Maldivian society.

The game’s trailer showed traditional character armed with locally familiar pieces of weapons and armament.

Additionally, it plays out like most other famous MMORPGs (Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games) with a third person aerial top-down perspective.

Moreover, Arcils comment the game will have major five characters based on Maldivian traditional accounts. Each character will have distinct attributes and special powers.

Furthermore, players can customize the characters during the gameplay.

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