BML to install ATMs in four islands


Bank of Maldives (BML) on Sunday, announced plans to install new ATMs in four different islands.

According to the national bank, it plans to enact vestibules at;

  • Noonu atoll Kendhikulhudhoo
  • Kaafu atoll Guraidhoo
  • Alif Alif atoll Thoddoo
  • Thaa atoll Thimarafushi

Moreover, the new ATMs will “facilitate individuals and businesses to deposit and transfer money on a 24/7 basis.”

Furthermore, BML confirm the ATMs will come equipped with the latest security features to ensure safe and secure banking.

Additionally, the new ATMs will expand the nationwide network of BML.

Meanwhile, BML CEO and Managing comments “as part of financial inclusion strategy, we continue to make significant investments to provide modern banking solutions across the country.”

Moreover, he adds “while we face logistical challenges due to COVID, we have now received the ATMs and are in process of transporting and installing these in the respective locations.”

As such, Sawyer assures the ATMs will be established in the next few weeks.

BML boasts a nationwide network of 38 branches across all 20 atolls, 55 self service banking centers, 116 ATMs.

Additionally, they have 277 registered agents and a full-suite of digital banking services.