State spending on Covid-19 efforts hit MVR963.6m


The government spending on Covid-19 related efforts as of 18 June reaches MVR963.6 million.

As of 18 June, the total spending towards Covid-19 health efforts mark a 2.2% increase from the week before.

Moreover, in the review period 54.7% of total health spending was committed spending.

Furthermore, in terms of week-on-week spending NDMA, IGMH and Ministry of Health spent comparatively higher to its peers.

As such, NDMA spending totals at MVR9.2 million on Covid-19 health efforts. Moreover, 7.2% of spending were on operational services.

On the other hand, spending from both IGMH and Ministry of Health were majorly on procurement of medical equipment.

Meanwhile, in comparison to previous week the spending on procurement of medical consumables and on supplies and requisites saw a surge by MVR9.7 million and MVR7.0 million respectively.

Additionally, the state’s total economic response spending hit MVR303.2 million as of 18 June.

Moreover, between 12 and 18 June no further disbursements observed to NSPA for the implementation of income support scheme.