Work on coastal protection at N. Fohdhoo underway


Photo: MTCC

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) confirm the work on coastal protection structures at Noonu atoll Fohdhoo is well underway.

According to the contractor, the project in currently in progress with 58% work completed.

In a statement to local media, MTCC notes they were currently working on “backfill area leveling works and geo bag filling” that will be used for revetment construction.

Moreover, the project involves sand filtering works of 1,400 cubic meters.

Additionally, sand backfilling works of 5,000 cubic meters.

Furthermore, MTCC confirm the project involve placing geo bags along a 570 meter area.

As such, the project will ensure protection from coastal erosion.

Meanwhile, the project cost MVR7.6 million as per MTCC, and the government awarded the contractor on 25 February 2020.

Moreover, they confirm receipt of EIA approval on 18 March 2020 prior to project commencement.

MTCC reveals the project will complete in under 180 days.