Kaimoo Resorts & Hotels to reopen properties in August, September


Equater Village | Photo: Kaimoo Hotels and Resorts

Locally renowned hotelier brand Kaimoo Resorts & Hotels will reopen to welcome guests in August and September of 2020.

Recently the hotelier made the confirmation of reopening all of its properties across Maldives following the border reopening.

Properties owned and operated by Kaimoo include Equator Village Maldives in Addu City, Embudu Village and Summer Island Maldives.

Furthermore, the hotelier owns and manages the city hotels Mookai Hotel and Mookai Suites, in Henveiru and Maafannu districts respectively.

Earlier, Maldives government made the announcement of reopening borders on 15 July to resume tourism industry.

Following the announcement several hotelier groups have subsequently made announcements of reopening their properties as well.

Kaimoo will welcome guests to Equater Village on 1 August while the remaining properties will reopen on 1 September.

The hotelier assures stringent health protocols and safety measures in all of its properties to ensure safety and health of guests and staff inclusively.

In this regard, Kaimoo confirms increasing the frequency of clean-up and regular sanitizing of guest rooms, restaurants, bars and areas with higher-contact probabilities.

Furthermore, the hotelier mandates visitor check-ins to their suites to minimize time spent at communal areas.

“We have implemented these new measures to reassure our guests that they can have both a relaxing and safe holiday at our properties,” comments Manih Ahmed, Managing Director of Kaimoo.

One of the longest running hotelier brands, Kaimoo was founded in 1979 and is a wholly Maldivian owned company.