Imports to Maldives decline by 36%


Import Duty as well as tax levied on trading are among vital revenue components to state

The total imports to Maldives face a decline of 36% in June 2020 as per Maldives Customs Service.

As such in their recent publication, Customs authority claim the total imports to Maldives in review month hit MVR2.1 billion.

Moreover, Customs authority note this figure came with the inclusion of fuel.

On the other hand imports excluding fuel face a drop of 32% which is worth MVR1.9 million.

Meanwhile the total exports from Maldives fell by 33% which is MVR217 million worth of export goods.

The country’s highest import category for the review month includes machinery and mechanical appliances which was at MVR408 million.

Furthermore, the second highest import category was food items with the exclusion of pork, alcohol and tobacco at MVR293 million.

Major import destinations include China taking up 18% of all imports to Maldives; which was MVR379 million worth of goods.

Moreover, India retained its position as the second strongest importer to Maldives with 15% of the total; which was MVR317 million worth of import goods.