Maldives border reopens after 3 months


The international borders of Maldives reopens on Wednesday, 15 July 2020, following a 3 month closure.

Following the reopening, international flights recommenced their operations to the island nation once again.

As such, international carrier Qatar Airways flight made its landing at Velana International Airport on Wednesday afternoon.

Moreover, Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) reports the flight was carrying 129 passengers; arriving in the country.

Furthermore, a Sri Lankan Airlines flight will expect its landing at VIA on Wednesday late afternoon.

International carriers Emirates Airlines and Etihad will recommence their operations on Thursday and Friday respectively.

Meanwhile, the government of Maldives have lifted its ban for on-arrival tourist visas.

Travelers will now receive a 30-day valid on-arrival visa much like the standard protocol prior to border closure.

Additionally, despite the previously hinted on-arrival testing or quarantining for Covid-19 travelers without symptoms will not have to undergo said procedures.

Earlier, Maldives Ministry of Tourism made affirmation of 42 tourist resorts becoming operational coinciding border reopening.

As such the stagnated tourism industry will expect resuscitation once again.