ADB provides USD1m grant to Maldives


Maldives President with President of ADB | Photo: President’s Office

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides USD1 million of grant (worth MVR15.4 million) to Maldives government.

In a statement by ADB, it notes issuance of the grant will act towards providing relief to the island nation in its attempts to control Covid-19 pandemic.

Earlier, ADB made an issuance of USD50 million to Maldives government as financial assistance.

Moreover, under the provision USD25 million was a loan issuance with the remaining as foreign grant.

The financial body made issuance of the amount to assist Maldives with Covid-19 testing in five major hospitals across the country.

Meanwhile, Maldives government notes the loan assistance helped to boost daily testing capacity.

Maldives government has been seeking several assistance from global communities.

As such, the state has guaranteed over USD300 million as aid through their efforts.