Total Covid-19 spending reach MVR1.6b


The total state spending towards Covid-19 related efforts hit MVR1.6 billion as of 16 July.

As such, Ministry of Finance reveals total health spending for review week hit MVR1,078.3 million (MVR1.1 billion).

Moreover, this marks a 3.4% increase from the previous week.

According to the ministry, 53.5% of total health spending was committed-spending.

Furthermore, IGMH remains as key agency spending towards Covid-19 health efforts in terms of week-on-week spending.

The procurement of medical consumables attract the most significant spending in review week.

Meanwhile Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure made notable spending on land and building in relation with Covid-19 efforts.

On the other hand, as of 16 July the total disbursements made to ERP schemes stood at MVR521.0 million.

Moreover, this marks a 24% increment from the week before.

Disbursements made towards NSPA saw increment of 21.9%, MVR21.0 million for the implementation of Income Support scheme.