Nilandhoo harbor project underway, 24% progress


Harbor construction in progress | Photo: MTCC

The construction and development of Noonu atoll Nilandhoo’s harbor is well underway according to its contractor.

Project’s contractor, Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) on Wednesday confirms 24% progress.

Moreover, the contractor reports works on new harbor dredging and existing channel dredging currently ongoing.

According to MTCC the project consists of a channel dredging operation spanning 37,222 cubic meters.

Furthermore, it details the project entails breakwater construction spanning 248 meters and 137 meters of revetment.

Additional aspects of the project include installation of a 286 meter quay wall and pavement construction spanning 1,430 square meters area.

Meanwhile, MTCC attests the harbor project also consists of a ramp construction and installation of navigation lights and two arm streetlights.

MTCC estimates project value at MVR42.18 million, with work awarded on 25 September 2019.