Guesthouse properties receive ease in utility bill settlements


Dhiffushi Island – a local tourism prominent slip in Kaafu atoll

Local utility companies have provisioned ease for guesthouse properties, as per Guesthouse Association of Maldives (GAM).

As per GAM, it has held discussions with local utility companies over the challenges faced by guesthouses in Maldives.

Earlier, the Maldives government made announcement of border closure and international travel restrictions following Covid-19 outbreak.

Subsequently, this decision led to several local tourism properties running into corporate stagnancy as the country saw no new tourist arrivals from 27 March onward.

Many of these properties fell into financial setbacks, while most were failing to settle their expenses.

As per GAM, its discussions with STELCO, Fenaka Corporation and Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) have been fruitful.

GAM confirm the guesthouse properties can settle for their utility bills from December 2019 until July 2020 through an installment process.

Moreover, the said process will become effective from November 2020 until a six month duration.