Over 60 resorts become operational post border reopening


Over 60 resorts have become functional following Maldives border reopening on 15 July 2020.

Earlier, the government of Maldives made announcement of closing the country’s borders following Covid-19 global pandemic’s outbreak.

As such, Maldives borders officially closed on 27 March with subsequent cancellation of on-arrival tourist visas.

However, in efforts to resuscitate the stagnant tourism industry; the main economic drive of Maldives, borders reopened allowing holidaymakers to visit again.

Moreover, statistics indicate a total of 32 resorts became operational coinciding border reopening.

Although several resort properties are opening gradually, government have not given a prospective date for hotels or guesthouses to reopen.

However, four hotel establishments have received operational permission – which acts mainly as transit hotels.

Meanwhile, safari vessels have become operational following government’s go-ahead nod.

As per Ministry of Tourism a total of 22 vessels have been permitted to operate.

Maldives government aims for 850,000 travelers before the end of 2020.