Govt announce curfew on Greater Male’ Region once again


A street of Maldives Capital – captured during curfew on 2 April 2020

Maldives government on Tuesday, 4 August, made announcement of a curfew effective on Greater Male’ Region once again.

As such, state’s decision for a curfew in Maldives capital comes amid surging Covid-19 positive cases in the region.

Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) made the curfew declaration during an urgent press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, HEOC claims the curfew will remain effective every evening from 22:00hrs until 05:00hrs of the following morning.

Safety and security departments will man the streets to ensure public safety and make interventions on anyone breaching the state imposed protocols.

Moreover, businesses will expect minor setbacks to their operating hours with the reemergence of a curfew in the region.