Over 1,700 tourists arrive in Maldives since border reopening


Maldives Immigration Department claims arrival of over 1,700 tourists to the island nation since border reopening.

Earlier, the country’s government made declaration of closing down its international borders subsequently restricting travels.

Moreover, on 27 March 2020, government temporarily ceased on-arrival tourist visas.

However, the country reopened its borders on 15 July 2020 which complemented reopening of several tourist properties as well.

As such, Ministry of Tourism reports over 30 tourist resorts became operational coinciding with the border reopening.

So far five international carriers have recommenced their flights to the country as well.

According to the statistics by Immigration Department; accounting from 15 until 31 July 2020.

Moreover, Immigration confirms the total tourist arrivals exactly at 1,769 while United Kingdom remains the top tourist market to Maldives based on the said statistics.

Statistics confirm over 250 tourists flew in from UK since border reopening until 31 July 2020.

The arrival statistics as per Immigration further shows:

  • United Kingdom: 258 tourists
  • USA: 189 tourists
  • UAE: 143 tourists
  • Germany: 135 tourists
  • Switzerland: 79 tourists

Furthermore, the data reveals 62 arrivals from Spain, 58 arrivals from France with Russia the same arrival count as France.

Tourist arrival movement further shows strongest arrival recorded on 30 July with 218 tourists.

On the other hand the lowest arrival count was recorded on 22 July with just 32 tourist arrivals.