HPA shuts down 20 establishments over violations

Streets of Male’ City

Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) spokesperson Dr. Nazla Rafeeq confirms a total of 20 establishments have been shutdown on Wednesday.

As such, Health Protection Agency (HPA) issued temporary shutdown notice to these establishments during their ongoing large-scale inspection.

Moreover, Dr. Nazla attests inspection of 253 venues on Wednesday, by HPA to ensure adherence to the agency’s guidelines to further prevent Covid-19 spread.

The closed down establishments had failed to obey to HPA’s guidelines, while the authority urges the venues to resolve issues.

Since last Wednesday, HPA has conducted inspection of 1,083 establishments with notice of closure issued on 215 of these venues.

Moreover, HPA confirms the closed down establishments will receive permission to reopen once they have met with the agency’s health and safety standards and requirements.