VIA Increases Cold Storage Capacity

Velana International Airport (VIA) has increased its cold storage capacity in the warehouses.

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) stated that an additional 190 ton capacity storage area has been added to the existing 76 ton capacity warehouse.

MACL signed an agreement with Singaporean company SETS to provide automated cargo handling services at VIA in conjunction of their 52nd anniversary. MACL stated that the new automated system will ease the air-freighting services at the airport for both imports and exports.

Assistant Manager for Cargo Service, Ibrahim Khaleel said that prior to the automated system being installed at VIA, customers did not know how a shipment arrived at the airport or what was in it. However, with COSIS – the automated system – customers can receive all the information about their shipments and can make preparations to clear their cargo from customs by the time the shipment arrives, Khaleel said.

He added that the service is being provided with cooperation from airlines operating to the Maldives.
MACL stated that they are working on integrating a payment method into the system to provide ease of access to customers in future.

MACL is currently working on building a new structure that will include an international cargo terminal. The project is managed by China Urban Construction Group (BUCG) and is worth USD 373 million. The new cargo terminal is expected to hold a capacity of 12,000 metric tons.