HPA shuts down over 250 establishments during ‘Mass Inspection’


During HPA’s mass inspection

Health Protection Ageny (HPA) reports closing down over 250 high-contact establishments during their recent inspection.

Moreover, HPA confirms a total of 258 establishments received temporary shutdown notice during their ‘Public Health Mass Inspection.’

Meanwhile their most recent inspection was their second such initiative since the Covid-19 outbreak in Maldives.

The authority reports inspecting a total of 1,545 venues from Greater Male’ Region – inclusive of Hulhumale’, Vilimale’ along with Thilafushi and Hulhule’.

Furthermore, HPA’s inspection included high-contact venues such as saloons, gyms or similar establishments that attract people in large numbers.

HPA confirms inspecting 1,179 venues from Male’ City, 204 of which received temporary shutdown notice after the authority discovered subpar health standards.

On the other hand, 296 establishments from Hulhule’ came under HPA inspection.

Following which 48 venues from the satellite town received temporary shutdown notices.

Additionally, HPA made assessment of 51 venues from Vilimale’ and 17 establishments from Thilafushi, which includes 3 shutdowns from each.

Inspections carried out at Hulhule with 2 out of the 3 inspected venues receiving the notice.

Meanwhile HPA reports a total of 486 establishments from their inspection list were cafes and restaurants.

Moreover, 91 of these venues received shutdown orders from the authority.

Furthermore 908 of the establishments from their mass inspection initiative were shop outlets.

Out of the total shop outlets inspected, 107 received shutdown orders while 112 were inspected of which 51 received shutdown orders.

HPA initiated the inspection following Covid-19 outbreak to ensure establishments with high-contact possibility followed regulations.

Moreover, the authority continues to inspect health and safety standards of such venues to ensure curb on the viral contagion.