Clique College introduces tourism related courses


Clique College President Dr Naushad Mohamed

Clique College introduces travel and tourism related courses run under Confederation of Hospitality and Tourism (CTH).

Earlier on Thursday, 13 August, during a special ceremony held by the college, Minister of Tourism Dr Abdulla Mausoom officiated the introduction of the new courses.

Moreover, the college’s President Dr Naushad Mohamed asserts importance of courses in tourism and hospitality to train locals in the field prior to work.

Naushad also made highlights on the courses enhancing towards sustainable tourism in Maldives.

Furthermore, he made emphasis on creating awareness among locals towards tourism.

According to Dr Naushad, such training will enhance growth of local work-force in tourism industry.

Meanwhile, CTH since 1982 following inception manages and modulates ‘gold standard’ courses in liaison with global hotelier chains.