Over 5,600 tourists to Maldives since border reopening


Maldives reports tourist arrival over 5,600 since border reopening as per latest statistics.

According to Maldives Immigration, tourist arrivals from 15 July until the end of the month hit a total of 1,752.

Earlier Maldives government lifted off border restrictions on 15 July, subsequently resuming all international travels to the country.

Meanwhile the total tourist arrivals in the following month, from 1 August until 15 August, hit 3,476 with the total arrivals to Maldives since border reopening crossing 5,200.

Latest statistics confirm the total number of tourist arrivals to Maldives have reached 5,628 – calculated since border reopening.

With respect to the latest traveler count, Maldives have so far been visited by a total of 459,824 holidaymakers.

Moreover, the country’s tourism sector saw standard tourist arrival figures prior to Covid-19 outbreak.