Horses to Addu City, a brand new venture!

Reports on Monday confirm Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture permitting import of horses to Addu City for a new business venture.

Moreover, Parliament Speaker and former Maldives President made the highlight of the new business venture in Addu City.

Furthermore, during Monday’s parliament session its Speaker notes a youth initiative have acquired all necessary permits prior to importing the animals.

The sourthern-most city is slow avenue with local tourism, but with promise.

Meanwhile, several businesses local to the city have initiated guesthouse businesses in the city.

The inter-connected islands form up one of the largest land areas in Maldives with several iconic natural environments.

Moreover, the pristine natural locations including lengthy mangroves in Hithadhoo and Feydhoo remain as popular spots with the locals.

Reports indicate the new venture related to horses will attract both locals and tourists visiting the city.

Earlier, many senior public office designates made comments of Maldives in need of tinkering with new business ideas.