Tourism Minister revises expected tourist arrivals for 2020


Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom | Photo: Sun

The newly appointed Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom on Thursday, 27 August, confirms revision of expected tourist arrivals to Maldives.

Moreover, speaking during a program on RaajjeTV the new chief of Ministry of Tourism confirm state’s expectation of 120,000 tourist arrival influx.

Furthermore, the figure is subject to the period between September till end of December 2020.

Dr. Mausoom further notes the island nation will experience economic prosperity as soon as the country’s surging Covid-19 cases become subdued.

Earlier, Maldives government closed the country’s international borders on 27 March with the cancellation of on-arrival tourist visas.

Prior to the nationwide lockdown protocols, tourist arrivals as per Maldives Immigration statistics stood at an approximation of 380,000.

Since border reopening the island nation has welcomed a little over 5,100 tourists.

Meanwhile, US released a travel advisory to its citizens warning on limiting their travel plans to the island nation.

In it, US government made firm recommendations in traveling to Maldives strictly for emergency purposes that cannot be postponed.

Based on all the exterior factors, the country’s tourism regulation body made revisions to the targeted arrival figure.

Moreover, Dr. Maumoom notes 120,000 is the lowest number of tourist arrivals for the remainder of 2020 adding the country cannot market itself as a safe tourist destination without receding positive case numbers.

On the other hand, he notes slight improvement on tourist bednights regardless of the Covid-19 presence.

Dr. Maumoom explains this increment, linking it to the 14 day period tourists will spend due to quarantine procedures.

Furthermore, the new Minister of Tourism assures actions taken regarding the Auditor General’s compliance audit report on the ministry’s expenses.

Earlier, the ministry came under fire for several financial irregularities found from its expenses.