Zero tourist arrivals in Q2-2020, bednights drop 99%


Image Source: Aero Tours

The Maldives tourism industry observed massive blows during the second quarter of 2020, as per Maldives Monetary Authority’s (MMA) recent report.

Moreover, MMA confirms the tourist arrivals in the review quarter stood at zero while bednights fell by 99%.

Furthermore the average stay which stood at 6.4 days in the corresponding quarter of 2019 shot up to 38.8 days in Q2-2020 due to travel restrictions.

Ministry of Tourism reports guests standing in Maldives during initial travel ban declarations.

However, repatriation flights and rescue flights during the period ensured holidaymakers left for their home country eventually.

Average stay spiked to 9.1 days in April, while it took off to 66.0 days in May.

In June, the average stay saw a decline by 41.3 days mostly due to repatriation operations.

Estimated travel receipts from April to June saw a staggering drop by 88% compared to Q2-2019.

Furthermore the total receipts from tourism sector for the period stood at USD57.0 million, a decline of USD416.6 million.

Meanwhile international tourist arrivals recorded an annual decline of 22% during the first quarter.

In March 2020, the international tourist arrivals were down by 57% due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Moreover, tourist arrivals worldwide saw historic lows with a decline of 97% in April 2020, while it further deteriorated to 98% in May 2020.

Statistics from Maldives central bank further confirm 44 resorts operational during April 2020, in the second quarter.

However this figure saw decline in May, dropping to 27 and then to 26 in June 2020.

Data collected from the industry also confirms just one guesthouse property operating by the end of Q2-2020.