State spend MVR2.1b on Covid-19 efforts


Maldives government spends MVR2,143.2 million (MVR2.1 billion) on Covid-19 efforts, as of 31 August 2020.

Moreover, under Weekly Covid-19 Spending Report from Ministry of Finance the total health and social spending stood at MVR1,178.9 million (MVR1.2 billion).

The spending on health and social efforts saw a 2.7% increase from previous week.

Furthermore, in terms of week-on-week spending NDMA spent significantly in comparison with its peers.

NDMA’s relatively high spending was towards travel expenses to Covid-19 efforts which stood at MVR29.3 million.

Similarly, Ministry of Health’s expenditure inclusive of payments of rent and catering showed significance.

As of 31 August, 91.5% of all Covid-19 spending is towards health and social efforts.

Meanwhile, total economic response spending stood at MVR964.3 million.

The total disbursements to ERP schemes saw a 0.9% increase from the week before. To date total disbursements made towards Income Support Scheme has hit MVR52.3 million.

On the other hand, the Covid-19 recovery loan scheme and discount on electricity bills stood at MVR900.0 million and MVR12.0 million respectively.

Moreover, in the past week an additional disbursement of MVR8.7 million was made towards NSPA.