Tourist arrivals over 7,600 in August 2020


Total tourist arrivals as per Maldives Immigration for August hit over 7,600.

Moreover, the department claims Maldives observed an arrival of 218 on average daily during the review month.

Daily tourist arrival average during the month before stood at 100 as per Immigration.

Furthermore, the authority confirms total tourist arrival for August reached 7,628.

According to travel statistics United Arab Emirates (UAE) maintains top tourist market spot with 1,627 total arrivals while United Kingdom came at a close second with 715 total arrivals.

On the other hand, arrivals from United States stood at 674 for review month.

However, the arrival from US may see decline in current month following its government’s travel advisory.

The advisory warns US travelers from flying into Maldives unless for severe emergencies.

Moreover, Spain comes at fourth spot with a total of 513 arrivals while Russia is ranks fifth as top tourist market to Maldives with 423 total arrivals.

Statistics reveal a total arrival of roughly 350,000 to Maldives by March end before government’s declaration of border closure on 27 of the month.

Earlier, state made announcement of expected tourist arrival at 800,000.

However, Minister of Tourism recently made revisions to the figure dropping the count to 120,000.