Recurrent expenditure hit MVR11.9b, PSIP at MVR2.8b


The total cumulative recurrent expenditure reaches MVR11,875.5 million (MVR11.9 billion) as of 03 September 2020.

Moreover, Ministry of Finance confirms cumulative total of capital expenditure hit MVR5,258.0 million (MVR5.3 billion) by review period.

Under recurrent expenditure, Maldives government have spent MVR6,548.0 million so far in salaries, wages and pensions of public sector employees.

Additionally, another MVR5,235.2 million spent for administrative and operational expenses under recurrent expenditure.

On the other hand, under capital expenditure state spent MVR195.6 million on capital equipment with another MVR2,752.6 million spent towards infrastructure assets.

The state had spent MVR1,399.8 million on development projects and investment outlays.

Meanwhile, the state makes MVR636.3 million towards repaying loans and transfers MVR247.0 million into Sovereign Development Fund (SDF).

The Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) expenditure stood at MVR2,808.8 million as of 03 September.