Govt disburse MVR59.1m in Income Support Allowance


Several resort employees experienced job redundancies

Maldives government disburses MVR59.1 million towards over 6,300 individuals as Income Support Allowance.

Moreover, Ministry of Finance notes the figures are as of 03 September 2020, with disbursements made towards a total of 6,388 individuals.

Government made disbursements in a total of 14,105 rounds to the working class individuals.

Earlier, government made announcement of the Income Support Allowance to allow financial remedies towards local workers facing setbacks amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Ministry of Economic Development provided a job portal for the workers, to fill in their applications for the allowance.

Meanwhile, government made amendments to policies of Income Support Allowance to provide more workers with the remedy.

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted Maldives economy strongly with massive job cuts.

Furthermore, tourism sector reports over 11,000 individuals losing their jobs.