MPL defers amendments to import good fees


Male’ Commercial Harbor | Photo: MPL

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) confirms postponing the implementation of amended fees levied on import goods at commercial harbors.

Earlier, MPL made confirmation on waiving 30% off on surcharges for off-load and on-load between 23:30hrs to 07:30hrs.

Additional amendments in plan involves changes to handling and wharfage charges.

MPL’s earlier statements claim an increment of 7% on wharfage charges to be effective from 13 September 2020 onward.

However, MPL has since updated on their executive decision confirming the changes will become effective from October onward.

Furthermore, the company notes their decision to surge wharfage charges comes in a bid to offset revenue drop following surcharge waiver.

Fees and charges local importers incur at commercial harbors first came into mainstream attention following a report on a local news outlet.

Meanwhile, local businesses claim they spend hefty amounts for delivery orders issued from foreign shipping agents.

Reports indicate local importer spend a collective amount of nearly USD130 million per annum, for said charges.

Following the issue breaking light, government have since intervened forcing foreign shipping agents to register locally.