Maldives state spend MVR2.2bn on Covid-19 efforts


The latest updates from Ministry of Finance reveal state’s spending towards Covid-19 related efforts stood at MVR2.2 billion as of 10 September.

Moreover, the ministry notes MVR1,222.2 million (MVR1.2 billion) of this total were disbursements towards health and social efforts.

The spending on health and social efforts mark a 1.0% bump from the previous week.

Furthermore, 50.8% of total health and social spending was committed spending.

As per week-on-week spending, Ministry of Health spent MVR9.5 million, putting the body above its peers.

Meanwhile, 47% of the ministry’s spending for the week comes under operational services for Covid-19 efforts.

Additionally, the remainder of the ministry’s spending went to medical consumables, catering, travel and on maintenance.

To date, NDMA, Ministry of Health and IGMH account for 91.5% of all Covid-19 health and social effort spending.

On the other hand, total disbursements to ERP schemes stood at MVR996.8 million.

Furthermore, this marks a 1.2% jump from the previous week.

To date total disbursements towards Income Support Scheme stood at MVR79.8 million.

On the other hand, disbursements towards Covid-19 Recovery Loan Scheme and discount on electricity bills add up to MVR900.0 million and MVR17.0 million respectively.

Another MVR11.9 million went towards NSPA for implementation of the Income Support Allowance.