IGMH Automates Blood Test Services

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) has installed an Automatic Micro Bacteria Detection system to improve the laboratory services.

The MVR 5 million worth automated blood culture system granted to IGMH by STO detects bacteria and germs in the blood through the use of computer software.

The machine also suggests antibiotic options for the bacteria found in the blood samples. The automated blood culture machine will enable IGMH to provide better, standardized results whilst cutting down manpower.

With the three systems installed in IGMH, Maldives has become the second country in the SAARC region to integrate automated blood culture systems in healthcare. Neighboring India also practices the use of the automated systems in some of their hospitals.

Senior Consultant in Pathology, Dr. Milza Abdul Muhsin stated that the new system is a great advancement to the micro-biology services in the hospital. The lab results are expected to be completed sooner with the new machines.

“Culture reports take up to three days at present. It takes one day for us to see the growth after we put the samples on the media plates. We then have to carry out more tests to see what kind of organisms they are, and to create discs on the antibiotic patterns. Right now, all of this is done manually step-by-step. But with the machines, we will be able to identify the bacteria and organisms, and the best antibiotics within a short period of time,” Dr. Milza stated.

STO stated that they granted the machines to IGMH after considering the hospital’s need for them at present. STO added that the machines were brought after checking its quality and work.

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