First Cochin-Maldives cargo ferry arrives in Kulhudhuffushi


On Saturday, 26 September 2020, the first cargo ferry arriving from Cochin, India berthed at Kulhudhuffushi.

Moreover, the cargo ferry is operated by newly formed Maldives State Shipping – which acts as the ferry’s Maldivian agent.

MSS validates the ferry holds a capacity of 3,000 tons while the first trip includes two containers with a net weight of 500 tons.

Furthermore, the local agent claims it was carrying cement and other products.

Earlier reports confirm Kulhudhuffushi port not holding enough space for cargo vessels of the said size to berth in the channel.

However, MSS finds solution by utilizing barges and smaller tugs to off load cargo from the ferry to Kulhudhuffushi harbor.

India reports the ferry’s departure on 22 September 2020, which made arrival on Saturday.

Meanwhile, MSS reports each round trip between India and Maldives takes 10 days.

Discussions for a India-Maldives ferry operation took place during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit to the island nation.

Moreover, during Modi’s visit the dignitaries of both India and Maldives held discussions to establish an air-bubble between as well.