Tourism Ministry open bids to develop Hotel, Yacht Marina at Uligam


Ministry of Tourism on Sunday, officially made announcement of opening tenders seeking interested parties to develop tourist establishments at Haa Alif Uligam.

Moreover, the ministry is seeking authentic and capable contractors willing to develop a tourist hotel and a yacht marina at the island.

Reports also conclude a total of 36 hectares of land area will be utilized for the project.

Furthermore, the ministry notes an information session scheduled for 22 October 2020.

Parties willing to engage in the project must submit their bid documents before 10:00hrs of 5 November.

Meanwhile, the ministry will open bid document issuance on 11 October 2020.

Uligam is a noteworthy island with frequent yacht berthing, while plans for a marina in the area have been in development.

Earlier, Maldives government cut customs charges by 75% for yachts berthing at Uligam.

As such vessels under 15 feet will incur inward and outward fees of MVR250.

Previously, the fee for similar category of vessels stood at MVR1,000.