Tourist arrivals observe 65.1% decline by August 2020


The latest statistics from Ministry of Tourism reveal an overall 65.1% decline in tourist arrivals to Maldives in August 2020.

As per the state institution total tourist arrivals to Maldives by August 2020 hit only 402,089.

Moreover the guest arrivals for August 2019 exclusively stood at 19,338 whereas in the review month arrivals stood at just 7,628.

The heavy drop in tourist arrivals come directly from the Covid-19 global pandemic impacting international travel and aviation.

As for the top tourist markets to Maldives since border reopening and on year-to-date basis, Italy takes top spot with 45,169 arrivals so far.

Furthermore, Italy’s tourist arrival saw a heavy 51% decline in 2020 as the country is among the first to hit with Covid-19.

India, the strongest emerging market to Maldives remains at second spot with a total of 35,000 arrivals.

However, unlike the previous year India’s tourist market saw a whopping 66.4% decline in 2020.

China’s total arrivals till date stood at 33,939 while UK’s arrival hit 33,789.

Meanwhile, Russia which remains one of the oldest markets to Maldives ranks fifth in terms of arrival.

Russian tourist count tallies at 29,424 as of August 2020, which is a 45% drop.

As for top arrivals in terms of region, Europe still remains as the top ranking area with 62%.