Tourism Ministry revise PCR test result validity period


According to recent amendments by Ministry of Tourism, incoming travelers must present PCR test results not exceeding a period of 96 hours since test.

Earlier, the country’s tourism body made it compulsory for arriving tourists to present airport authorities with verified PCR test results.

Moreover, previous PCR validity period lasts up to 72 hours since receipt of test results to travelers.

The amendments were made official on Tuesday evening, 13 October.

Following the nationwide closure on tourist properties, a total of 223 tourist establishments have since reopened.

However, tourist arrivals as of August 2020 indicate over 60% decline in year-to-date basis.

Furthermore, the country’s tourism ministry speculate total tourist arrivals will not meet expectations for 2020 due to Covid-19 persistency.

Earlier, Maldives government made announcement of border closure on 27 March.

The closure remained effective until 15 July, lasting over a three month period.

Since then Maldives tourism industry is attempting to make recovery.