Over 21K visitors to Maldives in October 2020

The total head-count of tourists to the Maldives in October 2020 as per the Ministry of Tourism, stood at over 21,000.

Moreover, the ministry confirms tourist arrivals to the island nation in the review month hit 21,309 in total.

Furthermore, the ministry’s data reveal total tourist arrivals reaching 41,766 since borders reopened in the island nation back on 15 July.

As per the Ministry of Tourism, arrivals exclusively in July stood at just 1,752 whereas in August the figure stood at 7,628.

Meanwhile, September saw further improvement at 9,538 while the tourist movement saw a significant jump in October.

First of November records a total of 1,590 arrivals within a singular day.

Additional data reveals tourists spend 9.6 days on average in the Maldives, whereas this stood at 14.1 earlier.

Furthermore, the Russian tourist market remains the strongest contributor to the Maldives since border reopening, to 28 October.

As per statistics, Russia accounts for a total of 7,507 to the Maldives so far since border reopening – marking a 21.1% market share.

Meanwhile, United Arab Emirates (UAE) remains the second strongest in terms of tourist arrivals to Maldives during the review period.

As per statistics, a total of 294 establishments have since reopened in the country.