Maldives records 90K tourist arrivals since border reopening


Maldives records over 90,000 tourist arrivals to the island nation since border reopening on 15 July 2020.

Moreover, statistics from Ministry of Tourism on 09 December, Wednesday confirm the total tourist arrival at 90,437.

The review period is from border reopening until Wednesday, while the total number of arrivals in 2020 has reached 473,284 so far.

Furthermore, the annual tourist arrival figure is a 69.8% drop from the corresponding period of 2019.

Additional data reveal an average of 2,042 guests arriving in Maldives from 01 December until 09 December.

Meanwhile, the average guest stay at the review period stood at 8.5 days.

Since border reopening Russia maintains top tourist market spot to Maldives with 19,883 arrivals.

On the other hand India remains the second strongest tourist market since border reopening with 12,615 arrivals.