MTCC confirm progress of Hangnaameedhoo harbor project


Harbor development project at A.Dh. Hangnaameedhoo | Photo: MTCC

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) on Sunday, 27 December confirm progress of A.Dh. Hangnaameedhoo harbor development project.

Moreover, the contractor confirms the development project observes an overall 12% work-progress as of Sunday.

Meanwhile, MTCC further attests the harbor basin dredging works were currently underway.

Scope of the project includes existing harbor basin dredging operations spanning 4,645 cubic-meters.

Additionally, it includes a new channel’s dredging operation spanning 404 cubic-meters.

Furthermore, the entire project entails the construction of a 193-meter breakwater along with a 160-meter revetment.

Additional components to this project also include installation of a 266 square-meter paved area along with streetlights installation.