Govt spend MVR2.8bn in Covid-19 efforts


Solih’s administration continues to battle the Covid-19 led economic woes

Maldives government has spent a total of MVR2,838.3 million (MVR2.8 billion)towards Covid-19 efforts.

Moreover, Ministry of Finance reports state’s health and social spending towards Covid-19 related efforts stood at MVR1,373.4 million as of 24 December.

This marks just a 0.8% increment from the week before.

Meanwhile, during the review period 41.3% of total health and social spending have been committed spending.

Ministry of Health’s spending for review week stood at MVR8.1 million, slightly ahead of its peers.

On the other hand the total economic response spending as of 24 December hit MVR1,464.9 million, which is a 4.7% increment from the previous week.

State made disbursements of MVR38.9 million towards implementation of Income Support Allowance.

Furthermore, MVR27.4 million spent towards discounts on electricity bills.

During the review week, state made no reimbursements towards any other Economic Response Package schemes.