Maldives attract over 1,900 travelers on first day of 2021


Maldives attracts over 1,900 foreign travelers on the first day of 2021, claims statistics.

As per Ministry of Tourism, total arrivals on 1 January 2021 stood at 1,916.

Moreover, Ministry of Tourism corroborates the new arrival numbers while further adding total number of arrivals in 2020 stood at 555,213.

The total arrivals in 2020 mark a 67.4% decline from the figures in 2019 – due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, statistics for 2020 further reveal total arrivals at 382,760 until 27 March.

Earlier, on 27 March 2020 the government of Maldives made announcement of border closure.

The decision at the time came due to prevailing Covid-19 pandemic which was spreading rapidly in the island nation as well.

Following over 3 months of border closure, international gateways reopened on 15 July 2020.

Moreover, statistics confirm total arrivals from border reopening till 31 December hit 172,366/

As per the ministry’s statistics, Maldives had on average 1,014 arrivals per day in 2020.

On the other hand, tourist arrivals on 1 January 2021 indicate a 94.5% drop from corresponding month in 2020.