MIFCO slices price on “Fasmeeru” brand canned-fish

Locally renowned canned fish giant, MIFCO slices price on their ‘Fasmeeru’ brand products.

Moreover, the change became effective from 01 January 2021 – welcoming the new year.

Regarded as the largest canned-fish manufacturer in Maldives, MIFCO notes the price reduction is in effect to changes in fish purchases from local fishermen.

Furthermore, the changes mean tuna chunks canned in oil will be available at MVR575 per case, from MVR640.

Meanwhile, singular cans will go for MVR12.25 per can which was at MVR13.50 prior to the reduction.

On other hand, tuna chunks canned in brine will be sold at MVR530 which was previously at MVR595 per case.

With this change, singular cans of tuna in brine will be available at MVR11.25 instead of MVR12.50 per can.