Girls to Code Thinadhoo kicks off


Girls to Code – Thinadhoo, the most recent collaboration between Dhiraagu and Women In Tech Maldives kicks off on 10 January 2021.

Earlier, the collaborators made headlines with their newest initiative following the successful program in Fuvahmulah City a year earlier.

The Girls to Code initiative aims to provide coding and IT technical knowledge for girls, and will run for two months virtually.

Moreover, participants do not have settle any fees or participation fees for the program.

The program entails, apart from coding, development of basic websites using various programming tools.

Furthermore, the initiative will benefit participants with basic knowledge on web development.

Under the program, students will create their own websites for chosen topics.

Women In Tech Maldives, aims to desaturate the male-dominated coding field in the country, while creating passion among females.

The collaborators aim to produce aspiring and future batches of coders in girls, who are passionate about pursuing careers from the field.

Meanwhile, Dhiraagu emphasizes on their commitment towards women empowerment in science and technology.