Financial irregularities from audit put scrutiny on IGMH


An audit report towards Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital’s finances reveal irregularities in its spending.

Moreover, the irregularities are evident on the state hospital’s spending on building and procurement of equipment for the respiratory department.

Unveiled by Auditor General’s Office, the audit of 2018 reveal the project was appointed to Sifainge Welfare Company (SIWEC), while development took place within a quotation approved by Ministry of Finance.

However, the discoveres from the audit notes approved quotation’s replacement with a new quotation with additional work and an increment of value by MVR1.2 million.

Meanwhile, Auditor General’s Office made apparent the additional MVR1.2 million falls out of Ministry of Finance’s approval.

Furthermore the contract between IGMH and SIWEC does not entail project details such as machinery, equipment and furniture cost.

It is uncertain whether the items purchased as per the contract met with required standards for the commission of the hospital’s services.

Moreover, Auditor General’s Office assert the project was awarded to SIWEC in violation of regulations as the awarded party lacks experience in importation of the items required under the contract.

SIWEC had outsourced their work to NU Hospital of India, which places further scrutiny on the case.

On the other hand, IGMH’s direct contract with NU Hospital would save MVR2.6 million, more or less, as per the audits.