HEOC hold discussion with Tourism Ministry over mounting resort cases


Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) confirm it is holding discussions with Ministry of Tourism over mounting Covid-19 cases in local resorts.

Moreover, HEOC’s spokesperson Dr. Nazla Rafeeq asserts on increasing Covid-19 positive cases from tourist resorts.

Authorities report a total of 28 positive cases from local resorts during the last 24-hour window.

Furthermore, Dr. Rafeeq notes the case figures are alarming, coming from tourist resorts.

She comments, “most positive cases from resorts are from its employees, they need to be more cautious and adhere with safety protocols.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Rafeeq notes resorts with case outbreaks are currently attempting to curb the spread.

HEOC is currently discussing with Ministry of Tourism over approaches to identify disease spread and control measures.

Earlier, the health authority claims several resorts failing to comply with health standards in testing individuals showing symptoms.