MPL strengthen safety measures at commercial harbor

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) confirms further strengthening of safety measures and protocols at commercial harbor zone.

The decision comes not long after a local laborer passed away at harbor site after getting squeezed by a glass pallet.

Moreover, following the untimely and sudden demise of a laborer MPL in their recent statement emphasizes on the dangerous nature of operations at the harbor zone.

MPL further affirms the safety of workers, laborers and their staff remain top priority.

Furthermore, the company acknowledges these dangerous incidents noting such accidents do happen albeit on rare occasions.

The company also addresses they undertake critical evaluation and investigation post every such incident.

Moreover, MPL drives to strengthen safety measures based on findings from such evaluations.

While issuing condolences to the worker’s family, MPL assures they will work diligently to avoid similar incidents in future.

Meanwhile, MPL asserts the safety standards will be further strengthened to ensure it.