Parliament propose new resolution towards telecom operators

The Maldives Parliament steps into place monitoring measures towards local telecommunication operators via new resolution.

Moreover, the resolution comes as remedy towards telecom operators misusing their business conduct.

The resolution calls out to put a stop on local telecom operators over hiking service prices and apparent misuse of their corporate positions.

Furthermore, the resolution was proposed by Central-Maafannu constituency lawmaker Ibrahim Rasheed.

According to the lawmaker, the state’s Telecommunications Authority have breached several articles of existing laws and regulations in their facilitation of telecom operators.

Moreover, the proposing MP of the said resolution further comments it aims to intervene further misuse.

Meanwhile, several members of the public often address concerns over hiking service prices of available operators.

One of the key concerns of general populace remains the unchanging and hiking internet prices.

Earlier, the current administration came to power with pledges of slicing internet prices throughout the country.

Maldives remains one of the most expensive countries with regards to internet services in the South Asian region.