STO kicks off ‘Ramazan Bazaar’ well ahead of Islamic sacred month

The Hijri calender month of Ramazan is a sacred and auspicious time for the Muslim communities across the world, and Maldives is no different.

Keeping the usual surge of demand in home appliances and other items during the month, State Trading Organization (STO) kicks off their newest promotional event.

Moreover, STO on Thursday reports their official kick off of the ‘Ramazan Bazaar.’

As per the state-owned enterprise, the ‘Bazaar’ will run from 11 February until 22 April 2021.

Furthermore, unlike previous years the winning prizes come in packages for 2021.

According to STO the packages are;

First Prize:

  • LED TV 55″ – Philips
  • Refrigerator – Hitachi
  • Washing Machine – Techno
  • Sound Bar – Philips
  • Oven – Sanford

Second Prize:

  • LED TV 55″ – Philips
  • Refrigerator – Hitachi
  • Vaccum Cleaner – Hitachi
  • Cooker

Third Prize:

  • SMART TV 43″ – AOC
  • Washing Machine – Hitachi
  • Vaccum Cleaner – Hitachi

Additionally, STO will provide discounts on Hitachi brand products up to 20%.