Feb 12 records highest volume of tourist influx in 2021


According to Minister of Tourism on February 13, highest volume of tourist influx was observed on Friday – last week – so far in 2021.

Moreover, Minister of Tourism Dr Abdulla Mausoom via Twitter confirms an arrival of 4,700 tourists to Maldives in a single day.

The cabinet dignitary further notes the positive outcome is a testament of the state’s initiative in defending against Covid-19.

Earlier, Maldives state made confirmation of distributing vaccine vials across the country.

Meanwhile, the country expects tourism recovery before 2021 ends.

Ministry of Tourism further notes total arrivals to the country at 124,753 so far in 2021.

Furthermore, more than 30,000 have flown into the island nation in February alone.

In 2020, the country’s tourism sector saw massive impact due to the global pandemic.

Moreover, several resorts saw temporary cessation of their operations and a massive redundancy in the field.

The previous year also marks as one of the lowest tourist numbers in the past five-year period as well.