Hanimaadhoo harbor observes 30% progress


Photo: MTCC

Haa Dhaal atoll Hanimaadhoo harbor project observes an overall 30% project progress, reports MTCC.

Moreover, Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) notifies the project’s harbor basin dredging works at ongoing status.

The task complements the maintenance dredging works as well, with both of these components observing 68% and 90% completion respectively.

Meanwhile, scope of the project entails new harbor’s basin dredging works spanning 53,522.50 cubic meters.

Additionally, harbor entrance channel dredging works spanning 31,575.50 cubic meters are part of the overall dredging.

On the other hand, MTCC will construct a 355 meter breakwater along with a 50 meter revetment and 270 meter quay wall.

The project also comes with pavement installation in 2,583 square meter area.