Covid-19 cases spike up once again, stronger restrictions loom


A member of the RRT attempts to acquire samples | Photo: Ahmed Ash-haad Abdulla (Avas Online)

Since April 2020, the Greater Male’ Region have been experiencing curfew or limitation measures at varying extents.

Moreover, Health Protection Agency (HPA) of Maldives with direct supervision of the Director General of Public Health made implementation of several lockdown measures.

Although most of those measures have since toned down, the impact of the global viral pandemic still remains.

Furthermore, the newest spike in local Covid-19 positive cases have been alarming.

As such, health authorities on Tuesday report discovery of a total of 142 positive cases.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s positive case batch adds up making total positive cases so far (inclusive of recoveries) to 18,224.

HPA reports discovery of 129 out of the 142 cases from Greater Male’ Region.

On the other hand, the remaining 13 cases came from various atolls.

Additionally, HPA reports conducting a total of 4,589 Covid-19 tests on Tuesday.

HPA reports a total of 2,391 unrecovered cases, while recoveries are currently at 15,768.

Moreover, the authority confirms 190 hospitalized cases.

The recent re-emergence of the Covid-19 virus, has once again put restrictive measures on businesses.

Meanwhile, Greater Male’ Region is currently observing another curfew period.

Vehicle movement have been restricted from 18:00hrs until 06:00hrs of the following day.