HPA extend operational hours for cafes, restaurants

Operating hours of cafes and restaurants extended once more | Photo: Ahmed Ishan

Health Protection Agency (HPA) of Maldives extends operational hours of local caterias, restaurants and similar outlets over mounting pressures.

Earlier, the health protection authority made constraints on operating hours, slicing it down to 20:00hrs every evening with the exception of delivery services until 22:30hrs.

However, several cafe and restaurant owners expressed their displease further noting heavy economic toll on businesses.

Meanwhile, HPA brings end to their most recent curb with a revocation effective from 21 March onward.

The latest public order from the health authority, signed by Director General of Public Health Ms Maimoona Aboobakur confirms extension of operational time for cafes and restaurants until 22:30hrs of every evening.

Earlier, HPA took strong restrictive measures over another wave of hiking Covid-19 cases across Greater Male’ Region in 2021.

Moreover, HPA’s restriction on vehicular movement effective from 18:00hrs until 06:00hrs remain in effect.

Additionally, the curfew in Greater Male’ Region from 23:00hrs until 04:30hrs still remain intact.