Cargo-ship blocking Suez Canal partially freed


Tug-boats and barges attempt to refloat the vessel and dislodge it from the canal banks | Photo: CNN

The most prominent talk in the global economic foray for weeks on; the blockade of one Ever-Given cargo vessel at the Suez Canal, is reportedly partially free.

Reports from various global news correspondence agencies, which includes CNN, recently made updates noting the cargo container ship has been partially dislodged.

Although partial dislodging is successful following a week’s attempts, authorities further confirm efforts to fully refloat the ship will continue for sometime.

Moreover, reports confirm that on Monday, 29 March, the vessel’s rear-end was freed from the canal’s banks.

However, the frontman of the Dutch company working on the operation to dislodge the vessel attests the ship’s bow is still stuck “rock solid.”

Meanwhile, Boskalis CEO Peter Berdowski, whose sister company SMIT Salvage is working to free the ship confirms the large vessel has been rotated about 20 degrees.

“That is actually the easiest part,” Berdowski was quoted saying on his interview in a Dutch radio, on Monday morning.

The Ever Given is a 224,000-ton vessel, which is reportedly as long as the Empire State Building is tall.

The vessel ran aground at the Egyptian canal on 23 March 2021, blocking shipments worth millions.

The Suez Canal is one of the most frequented trade routes with over 19,000 ships cross the canal in 2020, making it one of the world’s most prominent trade vessel routes.

Meanwhile, the vessel’s blockade implicates several economical detriments across the world including Maldives as well.